Your Life, Your Initiative
Words are Windows (or they’re Walls)
Words are Windows (or they’re Walls)

Words are Windows (or they’re Walls)

Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently. 


How do you find the Words that spark the Fire?


And where do you search for the right Stones to make that Fire?




Perhaps your genius is Creating this Fire…


Perhaps is a song or a chant…


Perhaps is healing…


Perhaps is making others laugh…and smile 🙂


Perhaps is caring for elders and children…


Perhaps is hunting…or building….or dancing…or cooking…


Perhaps you are many of these Things together.


Feel your perfect synergy of skills and gifts within your Community, your Team, within the World…


And ask yourself a question….


What do I love?





Not what I’m good at


Not what I’m trained in


Not what will get me rich…or give me recognition or fame


Just ask…




Many things may come.


Many Gifts.


Or only one thing may come.


Then make this one thing Essential.





“Words are Windows (or They’re Walls)”


I feel so sentenced by your words,


I feel so judged and sent away,


Before I go I’ve got to know


Is that what you mean to say?


Before I rise to my defense,


Before I speak in hurt or fear,


Before I build that wall of words,


Tell me, did I really hear?


Words are windows, or they’re walls,


They sentence us, or set us free.


When I speak and when I hear,


Let the love light shine through me.


There are things I need to say,


Things that mean so much to me,


If my words don’t make me clear,


Will you help me to be free?


If I seemed to put you down,


If you felt I didn’t care,


Try to listen through my words


To the feelings that we share.


Ruth Bebermeyer




Fire creates the Light in the landscape around.


Sometimes it takes lots of hard work and time to find the new Amber and reignite the Fire.


But when you finally lit it, always keep blowing more air into this Fire.


Use all the effort and have no expectations.


Then sit and just enjoy this Fire, knowing you did this, this is your Fire.


This Light attracts others, new Happenings.


It’s your unique Love.


You’re the Entrepreneur.


And it doesn’t have to do anything with business.


Just with finding the right Stones. The right Ambers.


And Words.


The Words that you Love.