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What is this Fire from Within?
What is this Fire from Within?

What is this Fire from Within?

What is this Fire from Within?


“Every day is an opportunity for a living Masterpiece.”


Naah, another Motivational Quote?




But why do you want that, Homer?


The truth is – I do not know!


Surprise, eh?


Not for me, as I do not have a huge desire to be called an Expert.


And the more I experience or study, the Less I know.


Seems I really prefer to just Listen.


To listen truly is to listen inwardly, and to perfect this art is to become utterly…empty. Only he or
she who is empty can receive the secrets and revelations….of the Inner World.


And let’s have it clear… what works for me doesn’t need to work for you.


You are Unique.


And I am too.


I’m having the same Basic Desires as your, yet they differ so much in Intensity.


Diversity is nature’s most effective strategy, but we too often forget it.


So… how to keep the fire burning?


People often ask me what drives me as I (almost!) always run in very high Energy. While there can be many motivations for taking Initiative, I’d say that one of my biggest drivers is Curiosity. I love to learn, and I find it most valuable to learn through hands-on direct experience.


Curiosity might be without a doubt the biggest Superpower, especially for the second part of our lives. It keeps us growing, asking questions and increases our self-awareness.


The definition that resonates with me is that Motivation is…


Manifestation of person’s Deepest Values 


You may have different one or have no need to define it at all.


And that’s totally cool.


I’m just sharing what works for me, my Experience.


An easy way to pick the wrong carrier is to put your image above your interest and identity. A motivating job isn’t the one that makes you look important. It’s the one that makes you feel alive. Meaningful work isn’t about impressing others. It’s about expressing your values. 


And there is one thing I can tell you for sure that I’ve known from my Research.


This Flow State is pricelessssss.


In order for a flow state to occur, one must see the activity as voluntary, enjoyable (intrinsically motivating), and it must require skill and be challenging (but not too challenging 😉 ) with clear goals towards success.


Interestingly Flow State is characterized by the absence of emotion – a complete loss of self-consciousness.


Full Absorption with who you truly are.


Are your Needs satisfied at your Work?


The turning point on my Journey was discovering Reiss Motivation Profile methodology, called The Science of Motivation. 


Steven Reiss was an American psychologist who was an expert in what makes us tick (or in tech terms: “intrinsic motivation“). As a part of his work, Reiss conducted one of the first large and cross-cultural research surveys on motivation. In his book “Who Am I?” Reiss states that we are all motivated by the 16 Basic Desires, but as individuals, we prioritise them differently. In his work, he outlines an unique psychological tool to assess what motivates a person and this outputs a “Desire Profile“.


One can argue, “not everyone is entitled to have all of those needs satisfied at a job.” That’s true. But since we already know that only the salary won’t make you happy, you can still try to modify lifestyle and work to satisfy more of your Needs. And the more of these needs are satisfied the more you will create the conditions for true Abundance to come into your life.


Are your physical needs, your emotional needs, your mental needs, and your spiritual needs being satisfied?


Are your Goals and daily Actions aligned with your Needs or are you pursuing someone’s else definition of success?


What do you really Desire?



Curiosity driven life


I knew that my Curiosity was always driving force in my life, but I tend to see it more as a drawback.


“Paulina, focus, you cannot do SO many things at the same time!”




If you were given so many Wings, why not use it?


And I do focus.



Pretty well. It’s just not one thing I focus on, it’s Power of Many…sometimes even simultaneously.


Superpower, with fluid switching from one thing to another.


And yes, I sometimes do not follow up on all of my Plans, but…how can you possibly do it if you have trillion ideas per minute?


You just can’t 😀


Took me too loooong to finally accept it.


But I did!


Professor Reiss’s definition of Motivation “manifestation of person’s deepest desires”, but you can call them Core Values or Basic Human Needs as well.


These Values very rarely change over the course of Life. We take them from our upbringing, culture, there are embedded in our Genes…






I’m still managing handful of Projects at once, but I learned to get easy on me.


One of the key elements of staying in Flow is to surround yourself with the Team who understands and accepts your Values and all of your Creations in its wholeness.


The Tribe that hears and accepts even your out-of-business Needs so that you can find a Balance between all facets of health and wellness.


“If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. If you want to be happy, practice compassion.”


Maybe your colleague who rushes back home at 5 p.m. sharp isn’t lazy but really cherishes his Family time.


Maybe your partner who doesn’t want to go every time to different restaurant isn’t boring, but just really prefers routines and discovering something more in depth, but in his field?


Why don’t you invite him in for a change?



Maybe your boss who doesn’t share too much of hers personal life still likes and appreciates you a lot but her Need of Independence is very high and it’s not in her Nature to share too much?


Maybe your disorganized colleague just needs his silent time to create or conceptualize in exact this way?


Why don’t you take the Initiative and…see through their Glasses?


How are they really?


If you take the time understand better Why people want to work in a way they want, you learn to Trust them better and the Work itself…just Flows.


Be with a person that you’re intensely curious about. Even after 7 years together, you can still rediscover him anew.


And fall in love with these Unknown Parts.




Tuning into your Desires. And His.


If you listen carefully to your Needs, you are constantly intrinsically rewarded and become less confused by external incentives, validation and other people projections.


You know where you stand and what you really want.


Even (or especially 😉 ) in a Marriage.


What makes you a partner that someone is most lucky to dance with through this Life? What do you want to share with others that you believe enriches their lives? Not the things you think you have to, but the things and thoughts… want to give.


Finding a recipient for your giving is as important as it is to Receive.


And this can take a while! It’s rather unnatural for us to just be… and just receive.


I am more of a Giver too. Unconditionally. In most cases.


Around this time last year though I decided to investigate if that Law of Receiving really works.


I really just focused on letting go. Flowing. Listening louder.


It was extremally hard to learn to Trust Myself.


Then one day you wake up, hit the Road with open backpack and start receiving the Blessings that start to flow  into your airspace when you wander fully connected.


To your Core. 5G or 5D – doesn’t matter. The need to put a Label on everything dissolves into being too.



Selfless education


Einstein taught us that we can’t solve a problem on the level of consciousness that created it. Ok, so where you can find the type of support and training that helps expand your awareness, confidence and self-esteem to be able to achieve your highest potential? 

Shouldn’t it be a Gift available to anyone?

They say can’t mix Business with Friendship.

Friendship of knowing yourself and the People that devote their precious Time to work for…you?

What kind of World does it create?

WE are Business.

Build the right Team. Take the time to really know them.

When I think in terms of helping people learn to be even better, it automatically puts me into an empathetic mode.

Master yourself first though. 

Then lead with Love for your own Being, and no matter what – do not compromise your Values.

The Choice is always Yours.