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How to write a Motivation Letter?
How to write a Motivation Letter?

How to write a Motivation Letter?

How to write a Motivation Letter?


What happens first is a Dream to get that job, right?


Then you just sit and start writing why you want that exact job. That’s it! Haha. You can stop reading, you already know it all.

Just do it.

The “Just Do It” campaign allowed Nike to further increase its share of the North American domestic sport-shoe business from 18% to 43%, (from $877 million to $9.2 billion in worldwide sales) from 1988 to 1998.


Seems just doing brings lots of benefits, so why do we resist so much?


Probably the answer could be a novel but the good news is – resistance is universal. You are not alone in this. Wohoo!


Even Millennials struggle. Nevertheless, I have heard lately that writing Motivation Letters is becoming more and more desired part of the recruitment processes. Moreover, we still tend to write them old-school DYI manner…or we at least we tried it. We are ironic too!



Who are you singing to?


But perhaps you prefer Voice Motivation Letters? Personally I like them more – the bounce rate is lower. That means lower risk of failure and…smaller fear of (great!) success! That’s an interesting one, this (fear of) success


“Oftentimes, positive recognition from coworkers can mean more to Millennials than their paycheck.”


Plus Making an Impact, finding Freedom, focusing on the Now…. How on Earth one can find all of this in one Lifetime? What’s the algorithm you may ask? Just “serving from the Heart”?


Haha. Good luck! And lots of Trust. You will need it.


Ah! And I’m not mentioning the vibration your Voice spreads! In these Letters.


Or have I justmentioned that?


That the Words that you use DO have Power?


Anyways, (❤️) back to Business!



What was my first Job, you ask?


Brooklyn, New York, summer break of 2006


First time in English speaking country where wearing a t-shirt “Nobody is perfect but me” causes lots of unnecessary attention for rather introverted person. I’ve adopted fast to “We’re all perfect! Thanks for asking, but I know my way back home.”



I began as a bartender in a coffee shop at day/bar at night where drinks were $12 each and most people would pay up (+ tip). No questions asked, and always returned for more.


Lots of beautiful, yet sometimes challenging, conversations later mixed with martinis on rocks, I needed air refreshment and followed the buzz… I got myself transferred to the juice industry. This time I was serving cold-pressed smoothies, where a hipster jar of organic fruit or veggie juice full of vitamins and nutrients was $6. The same clientele, but this time the money question popes out…


“Are you serious, Sister? $6 for a juice!?”


The Art of Negotiation


Of course I wasn’t serious! In total it was $8 with tax ;- )


Plus tip.


Obviously. In Cash!


Because Cash is the King, right? And I’m supposed to want the King.


But what does the Queen want?



Personal Healthcare Investors


Food for thought on how some of us views investing in our own health: we will drop over $100 per month on lattés and hundreds more on Thai Tea and eating out, yet not want to spend $44 on a gym membership, or slightly more on mental health and/or coaching sessions.


And then we wonder why we don’t feel good or reach our goals? Maybe we are chasing not our goals?


Disconnection, maybe? There are so many…layers but we keep repeating that Wellness is a gym membership. Hehe.


Might be! I’m not laughing! (or am I?).


One of my biggest revelations though over the last year was simply that…I have a Body.


“Do I contradict myself?


Very well then I contradict myself,


(I am large, I contain multitudes.)”


How to unlearn now?


Let’s start with a blank page mindset?


Hm….all right, let’s try….I know nothing.


Especially, how to text!



Haha! Emotional body? What does it even mean?!


I told you already, I FEEL OK? Stop digging, please? I know what I feel! I have read many books on that topic. Attached you may find my latest Certificate on speed reading and the Infinite List of the books I had read in the last 15 minutes!


Anyways, why would I even bother to put my emotions into words? There’s around 34,000 human emotions, but I’m OK with my OK! You wanted me to focus, so I do focus! That’s not an excuse, m’kay?


The Power of Pausing


And this whole Emotional Journey is after all only newest UX Design trick. Trust me, I know, Honey! Yes, I read that book too…


I feel like watching a movie now…but listen…I see you want to connect, and I do too.


Let’s talk again tomorrow? Peacefully. With open mind.


Maybe we could open our hearts a little bit wider too?


“Every human being is emotionally vulnerable until we drop our protective defences. The defences form around our heart, and as long as our hearts remain defended and closed, they can’t heal.” 




It’s always hard in the beginning.



What would be your first step today for your better Wellbeing?


We spend hours scrolling on our phones or binging series on LinkedIn but we don’t have enough time to read, meditate, go for a walk, respond to a friend who asks “Sis, how are you, really?” or even listen to our…belly.


Our actions show where our priorities are, not our thoughts and ideas. If we’re having a difficult time making changes to our health, happiness, relationships, business, whatever the weather, maybe it’s time to take a look at what we’re investing in?


I’m not meaning only money here but our energy, time, attention and…health.


Why do we invest in these things, activities and relationships in the first place?


Do they spark Joy?


Do they contribute to your overall wellbeing and growth…as a Collective?


The more you give to yourself, the more you’ll get back. Knowing your own being is the greatest service you can give to yourself, your team, family, society…


If you’re worried about the price of getting started, you should see the cost of staying exactly where you are.


Shall we start? Where are you now?









Midterm of the Journey, you ask?


Realization that maybe buying Fear it’s not the way.


Then, while being an emergency service for the biggest on this Planet, starting to acknowledge, that the Agents who need the most of these Experts who arrive in the midst of a Crisis and whose calm, self-assured Presence immediately puts them at ease, shall not be Corporations, but fellow Humans – directly.


They can still work wherever they want, it’s all perfect.


But the Focus shall be on Individual.


Press Pause


Very long one. Silent. Jungle. The Land of a Thousand Smiles. Inner tickles. Inner battles.


Even though I’ve always used my creative fire for a wonderful projects, I never really allowed myself to rest and pause until life forced me to.


It did somehow force me into stillness. A lovely invitation to explore my inner waters and redefine the word feminine with all its attributes of softness, gentleness and deep care for myself.


Something that I, especially coming from a country like Poland where the post-war rebuilding trauma is still present, was not aware of.


Along the way, I had to ask myself the questions…


What drove my doing?


What drove my…being?



Insecurity levels stretched to the Maximum


What are you most afraid of? What really holds you back?


Haha. Good ones!


Fear of rejection, motorbikes, abandonment, intimacy, unworthiness, green tree snakes having a shower in my bathroom (they seem to be quite clean creatures against popular belief!), public speaking, diving, barefoot hiking, pharmacies, sharing from the Heart?


Conquering them one by one, until realizing that Today is the only day I might have.


And that’s totally cool. I just need to remember to back-up my pics daily!


Finally learning to enjoy the wind in my ginger hair instead of worrying of crashing when I ride up another Everest of that week. Riding the same motorbike, that I was initially terrified to drive. Alone.


And the Funny Fact is…


95% of my worries have never happened! Personal Anxiety hack. This 5% may always be there. And it’s ok.


What’s your statistic?


I’m coming out of my shell and start telling them more often that I love them. Even in the office.


Because how would they know that if I didn’t tell?


Probably…by washing the dishes but I found it rather challenging when you are on different continents! Maybe by putting down the cell phone?


Or by sending postcards? No idea! Take the quiz to find out. For yourself.


And share with me later. Or with someone else.


Just share.


We all can grow together by sharing our stories, journeys, and experiences.


There is no reason to compare your uniqueness in this elephantverse.



Second first Job, you ask now?


Chiang Mai, Thailand, summer break of 2022


A tropical juice costs $3 tops, in a rather fancy lounge. And no one is serious. (But me probably! How to balance this seriousness with a decent dose of humor?! Million Baht question…share in comments…;-)


People here smile a lot and answer me with great Patience when I ask my never ending questions…


“Time is money, ka. Breathe into your belly. You’re affluent already. Just feel your Sun.”


Hmm…decryption key por favor?



The Inner Dialogues


Ok, cool, cool, cool…I feel it.


I feel quite blissful actually…


My belly…


Belly, belly dancer…


Shall NFTs be on my passions’ list this year?


Is self-sustainable jungle Sukkah a good idea?


How to take care of papaya tree?


Are my Parents really funny or just pretending?



Why are they funny?


No, no, they cannot be funny.


That’s just my Illusion. I made it up!


And I will ask him to marry.


After two dates it totally logical decision!


I’m not attaching, that’s just how we roll!


Why listen to the Heart?




What a beautiful Sky…


This freshly cut Grass…mhmm….


Hola, hola! What if I’m allergic?


Definitively it enters too drastically into my…


Haha! Forgot to write my testament, again.


If I don’t die now, I’ll definitely write it tomorrow!


That’s not procrastination.


I’m just waiting for the divine timing.


Yes, yesss. Good one! That will work.



Hashtags are like Key Words?


Same like SEO / CEO / Chief Joy Officer/ Massage?


Tralala-la! Will they rank High?


No doubt about that!


Make the Money, don’t let the Money make you


And for the rest I’ll buy chocolate.


Lots. Yesss. And Thai Tea.


Mmm. Coconut flakes. So fluffy…


And a Puppy. Or seven!




Are they even legal in Thailand?


No, no…not Emotions…Giraffes!


How to find out?


We will dropship them to Spain! Don’t overthink.


Worldwide! With special price for you. Of course.


Animals need to move, right?




To keep our balance…Yes or no?


Yeah, but it DOES make sense


I’m funny.


So they might be a little too?


There must be some kind of correlation, right?


They are my Parents in the end…


But not funnier than me, huh? That would be to much.


For my ego?


Beautiful as they are.


Just perfect. Imperfection.


See Him as the most astonishing Human.


Standing in front of you. Each time you see Her.


“Everything you can imagine is real.”


Was! Who said that?!


Pablo…? Or was it…me?


Do I really need to know...?


I demand to know!




Monkey! Mind.


But…why yellow?


They know you love Them. Just Explore. The Silence.


Hahaha! What?






Let’s try again.


How is your belly, Love? Tight, relaxed, soft…?


Breathe into it.


You can ride this Wave.




think I forgot my Exodus‘s password….Eeny, meeny, miny, mo?


Did they say Alohomora works too?


For the…belly?


Hehehe. For sure.


Que? I am not…balloons?


Thoughts! I am not my thoughts, either.


Aha… Good to know.




Contemplation in Action


Self-Reflection on the $25* cocktail vs. the $11* juice (*prices may vary due to tips’ increase over the years, vivid inflation rates and…I forgot the third reason…).


“I’ve never had a cold pressed juice that was part of a Bigger Experience, but I’ve had cocktails embedded in and catalysts to hot nights, ecstatic dancing, reveling in my reckless youth and freedom, riding my bike fuddled through breezy summer nights, a million memories made with friends…


A juice? It’s function was the hangover cure, so I could do it all again the next night.”






What is another word for “having fun“?


Probably is slightly different for each of us!


Living in Thailand could be rather funny experience for most people, and definitely is for me.


You pay thousands (Baht, but still!) in Western style medical facilities only to find out that you shall better visit an energy doctor, cause they cannot assist you any further.


They laugh sweetly and say it’s emotional pain and that you need to research on your own why this particular chakra is unbalanced.


Ok! Totally logical answer! No expectations, no disappointments. Really?


Am I in Matrix 5 already? (1:01 “You are Google CEO now.” …only if you really want!)


Wait, I haven’t put my make up yet!


And again, how many nadis do I need to study on my own? 72.000? That’s sounds like Fun!


I will probably give up on 20000ish, but still worth a Try. And Fun.


Does my Insurance cover that?


I bet it does! It always did.


Então relaxa aí, Bro!


Lean on that door.




So many layers…


Our first three layers always paid out. And our Primary is a top notch.


Why now would be any different?


Fingers crossed we didn’t cancel automatic Renewals!


And you built that Tower in the end, remember?


With a Powerful built-in Security Parasympathetic Nervous System…


With embedded Rest & Digest Response modules…


Just don’t forget to press that Pause button!


That’s your Job.




Fun is yours.


Wellness is yours.


Freedom is yours.


You define it.


No judgements!


By the way….what for do you feel most judged for, Daniel?


And who really does that?


Only you know that, and what’s really best for you.


For your Body, Mind and Soul.


For me, right Now, it’s Thai Iced Tea with #noplastic, with a little too much of sugar.


Balancing it bit by bit…loving it extra sweet though…with full Responsibility. Feeling immense gratitude for every single Tea.


What’s Life, but gradual and constant sweetness Refinement? (For me 🙂



Howdy, P! But how to write this Motivational Letter?


Haha! How would I know?


I always end up writing a Love One.


Most of the times it’s rather delightful Gift to carry.


Surprisingly or not, Joy always reaches the surface, eventually!


Lalalala lalala….and Business can be Fun too.


And you’re a magnet of Abundance already.


Maybe you do not even need…a Letter?



Dad, you always wanted to see the Tigers, right?


Let’s release them together. This year is ours!


Tigers are Open-Minded, Fast and Curious! Just like us.


At the end they are just slightly bigger kitties, but they just like to ROAR louder.


And I can hold you this time, I’m an adult now.




Just let me grab my Backpack!



Camera, Action, Challenge!


Maybe our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate or not good enough.


Maybe our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure?


Might be! It’s probably never ending Investigation for many.


Maybe this year you could write yourself a Love Letter instead of expecting external one?


Love Is Not An Emotion, It’s A Decision


Maybe celebrating (self)love daily instead once per year could be worth considering too?




How could you nourish yourself first? Starting now?



The World can wait.


Trust the space to hold you…and I hope to see you somewhere down the Road.


Thank you for sharing your Time and reading this Letter.


Safe Travels, my Friend!