Your Life, Your Initiative
The Motivation Map

I would like you to consider with me the motivating force that drives all prosperity – Initiative.


When I first began my own exploration of the meaning of prosperity, I found myself asking many questions, one of them was…what is the core foundation of prosperity for me? 



Over the following days as I cleared away my thought patterns, I finally came to my discovery. The answer I received was that….


Initiative comes from deep within you. It is your ability to make Fire out of the tools in your environment. 

These tools are your Gifts, your Strengths. 


If you love something, then you will always have the enthusiasm and become good at it, which is why you should always do what you love in life. 


As you embark with me on your Journey, you may feel an inner call to take next step.


Motivation Map is contemplation in action.


I never really know where the Road will take me.


But as long as my action is in harmony with deepest desires, and the movement that arises out of the stillness and clarity of perception, I feel safe and I know I’m on the right track.



We are here to enjoy doing, but we are also here to enjoy…being.


Get to know yourself and your Inner Drivers better.


Increases Empathy towards other people needs.

And your own.


Develops Understanding of your Uniqueness and how you impact others.

Love and Acceptance

Teaches you to value, Love and Accept yourself in your true nature.

Team Building

Helps to Build the Team of your dreams and Maximize Talents of your tribe.

Conflict Resolution

Guides you through Conflict Resolution (with your partner, boss, team, best friend…).

You will Take Your Power Back.


If you are ready to jump on that train, I will give you the tools and support to Take Charge of Your Own Transformation.


There won’t be a room for any bad behaviour or excuses that unconsciously block your potential. Instead, I will compassionately hold you accountable and Guide you Back to your Inner Resources. 


I’m not a fan of “One-Size-Fits-All” in my work. I take the time to listen to what is that you truly need. Then we draft together your Discovery Journey that will guide you to your (Business) Goals is most harmonious way.



We will embark on a co-creative adventure, that might take a weekend, a week or a month, that will take us to unknown places, deeper than what you signed up for.


But before we start, tell me – If I told you a joke and you literally died from laughing, who would be held responsible? 😉