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What's The Motivation Map?

The Motivation Map is your portal into the world of Motivation. 

The science of Motivation is new and ever-evolving – it helps to have a Guide.  On our Journey together we investigate Self-Motivation from all possible angles, including scientific mapping of your basic Human Needs and somatic activation of your Fire Center.

How we describe the need for
The Motivation Map?


It’s said that the fundamental challenge common to most people is to Understand Oneself well enough to know exactly where one’s energies should be directed.

How do you Create your Inner Fire in your own unique never-to-be-repeated way on daily basis?

How do you Upkeep the Flame once it’s on?


I can only share what works for me!

I’m a believer that instead of generalizing and categorizing people, we shall  approach it the other way around.

What if we focused on developing your Core Strengths in accordance to your True Essence and Inner Drivers, based on scientifically proven tools and mindfulness practices?



Only when you know your own basic desires and their hierarchy, it’s possible to develop true Value-Based Happiness, increase overall life satisfaction and improve wellbeing.

When you are intrinsically motivated you are capable of generating the very High Levels of Energy (inner fire!) and brain power necessary to shine out in your life.

Every single day.

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